Working with Vince and his team has been instrumental to my business success over the last decade and I have always enjoyed the interactions with his team. Their patience and assistance whenever my core business activities prevent me from allocating adequate time towards required financial tasks.
In the current economic crisis, where almost every business has been impacted, many urgent accounting requirements arose (especially applications for government support). Vince selflessly looked after the critical/urgent requirements of every client free of charge, providing critical support in a time of great need. This was highly appreciated and proved that Prosperity’s primary aim is to look after their clients.
I have been using Prosperity accountants for approximately 10 years and over that period I have been extremely impressed with their work. I have recommended their services to many friends, family and colleagues.
In a world where business success is a combination of skill, luck and quality support, I am very fortunate to have Prosperity Accountants on my team.

E. Deligeorges
Geotechnical Engineering Services