Owner-managed businesses stop growing all the time – and no one involved in the business can figure out why.

In this book Why Businesses Stop Growing And What You Can Do About It, Prosperity’s Managing Partner Vince Ilarda, with co-author Steve Hackney, provide a valuable insight into why businesses become stuck, how they can grow and how they should be financially managed. It’s introduced by former England cricket coach Pete Moores and is divided into three sections:

Section 1: Why Businesses Stop Growing

A unique insight into the factors that contribute to the slowing down of growth of many owner-managed businesses.

Section 2: How To Grow

A time-tested and proven blueprint to rapidly grow your business

Section 3: How To Financially Manage Your Business

With growth come growing pains. This section looks at proven ways to financially manage the growth of your business with particular attention to cash flow and profitability.

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