BLOG - Why Businesses Stop Growing - Part 3

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As discussed in Part 2,  when a business is growing steadily and reaching the owner-managers’ objectives, the 3 functions work together to create a harmonious cycle (see diagram below).

In reality, the majority of people in business are taught process skills from school days, through skills training and  onwards.

We are taught how to read and write. How to follow instructions and answer questions. How to replicate what we learn. You develop expertise in how to do ‘things’.

In other words, your expertise and skills invariably lie in the PROCESS function. Consequently, with the skills and knowledge loaded towards the Process function, businesses can only grow whilst there is capacity within the Process function to do so.

But without the same relative development in the management and in particular marketing functions either side, growth becomes limited…

The cycle now starts to look very different (see diagram below). 

So the solution is simple…

You need to start putting more effort into the marketing and management functions of the business to realign the balance.

This doesn’t mean you neglect the process function.

It just means you work smarter and allocate your time and effort better to include these two crucial areas of your business.

So, there is little doubt as to why most businesses do not achieve the growth objectives the directors or partners have set and why now is the time to make the transition from a process-led business to a management- and, in particular, a marketing-led business.

Our goal is for you to have a systems-based business that’s set up to achieve your objectives. 

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